ONK A cat 2016


Results are final as of 12:11 on August 21, 2016


Sailed: 9, Discards: 2, To count: 7, Entries: 27, Scoring system: Appendix A
1stPieterJan DwarshuisFoilingNED 28WV Flevo(11)(9)12113443616
2ndRutger KrijgerFoilingNED 14WSVW3(6)31(7)31333017
3rdRoeland WentholtFoilingNED 95Hellecat(10)42(16)242214317
4thEmmanuel Dod�FoilingFRA 2SR Vannes1(22)4(28 DNF)424126818
5thMathias DietzFoilingGER 3SLRV22(27 UFD)351157(28 DNC)9035
6thGertJan KosNon-foilingNed 096ZV Noordwijk7(10)5(8)868866648
7thDavid AartNon-foilingNED 111ZV Noordwijk8(18)117(28 OCS)79559852
8thCaroline BeelenNon-foilingNED 41Catclub Zeeland4371431312(28 DNC)(28 DNC)11256
9thPhillip MuyzersNon-foilingBEL 54Catclub Zeeland5(16)10159566(28 DNC)10056
10thWim PlokkerFoilingNED 93Hellecat14510 RDGb10 RDGb10 RDGb12(15)11(28 DNC)11572
11thFrank MauritzNon-foilingNED 85 61125615(28 OCS)(28 DNC)28 DNC12973
12thTheo van HiltenFoilingNED 8Hellecat(18)146(17)13101410911176
13thRene MulderNon-foilingNED 80WSV Bestevaer16(24)1318(28 OCS)879813179
14thPeter SpijkerNon-foilingNED 120ZV Noordwijk9896(28 OCS)913(28 DNC)28 DNC13882
15thBob Leim AhlerFoilingGER 56TO(21)(21)151316161113713391
16thYvonne NieboerNon-foilingNed 101WSV Bestevaer121927 UFD12101716(28 DNC)(28 DNC)169113
17thEric LampierFoilingNED 12Hellecat19231820(28 DNS)141012(28 DNF)172116
18thJaap StraakenbroekFoilingNED 21Catclub Zeeland131216915(28 DNC)(28 DNC)28 DNC28 DNC177121
19thJosje VerbeetenNon-foilingNED 100Hellecat(28 OCS)1581012(28 DNC)28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC185129
20thArno TerraFoilingNED 7WS Flevo2220141111(28 DNC)(28 DNC)28 DNC28 DNC190134
21stPaul LarsenFoilingAUS 51Club Kiwi171727 UFD414(28 OCS)(28 OCS)28 DNF28 DNC191135
22ndPiet SaarbergFoilingNed 1Hellecat(28 DNS)7192117(28 DNC)28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC204148
23rdGerard AlthofFoilingGER 49BHS 200020131719(28 DNC)(28 DNC)28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC209153
24thTjibbe VeeloFoilingNED 91Hellecat1511(28 DNC)(28 DNC)28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC222166
25thKlaus RochelNon-foilingGER 9LYC Lubecker Yachtclub(28 DNC)(28 DNC)28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC252196
25thJan GrootNon-foilingNED 117de Roerkoning(28 DNC)(28 DNC)28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC252196
25thRobbert KantNon-foilingNED 50Catclub Zeeland(28 DNC)(28 DNC)28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC28 DNC252196

Scoring codes used

DNCDid not come to the starting area28
DNFStarted but did not finish28
DNSCame to the start area but did not start28
OCSOn course side at start or broke rule 30.128
RDGbRedress - average points for all races preceeding the race in question10
UFD 27


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